Having some Architectural Plans made, but confused by 2D Drawings? …You’re not alone!

They can be:

– Difficult to understand

– Tricky to see your options

– And Ultimately, impossible to visualise

That’s where I come in.

Instead of just supplying 2D Plans and Elevations, I build a Virtual 3D Model of what your home will look like once built. I digitally draw your property and truly bring the design to life.

But it doesn’t stop there… By visiting your property in person, I’m able to photograph your brickwork, roof tiles and other building materials, and together with some Photoshop magic, I can then apply the correct materials to your design.

Have a New Build property? Not to worry, I’m able to capture photos from other local properties, so as your designs really match how they should look when they’re complete, and compliment the area they’re from.

Gone are the days of struggling to get your neighbours on board using 2D Technical Drawings, when you can show them a photo of your extension, before its even been built!

Building a new property and want to get some interested buyers before it’s built, rather than waiting around when it’s finished? Use your time better and have photos listed with Estate Agents, or on boards outside the building site, long before your project’s complete!

Worried Planners won’t share your vision of how well your New Construction fits in with the local road, show them a photo!

Have a few different design ideas and want to visually compare them all, well now you can!

With a choice of Photos or Videos, as well as both Interior and Exterior shots, it’s now a lot easier to visualise the future with Architectural Drawings, and 3D Digital Architectural Models… Rendered by Jake.